About LTO

What is LTO Fitness?

LTO Fitness provides an exclusive, modern, sexy, fun workout that’s just as efficient as traditional cardio and squatting. LTO Fitness is designed to not only help you reach the physical results you’ve been hoping for, but also gives you a boost of confidence where you may end up redefining the word sexy. After all, it’s not about your weight but how you’re built. LTO Fitness is all about comfort and exclusivity, when you come and work out with me you will feel as if you were home dancing with your friends!


The twerk will get you hot yeah that’s the motto!!!

Lexy Panterra

Master Instructor

Lexy Panterra is the founder of LTO Fitness. She has been a dancer and singer all of her life but personally never liked the look and feel of traditional exercises. So she set out to start a modern and innovative way to stay in shape and have fun while doing it. Panterra has always liked to dance and realized that repeatedly moving her hips and squatting was actually a great workout. That’s when she created a fitness program that combined the sexy dance craze of twerking and cardiovascular fitness routines. Panterra created LTO Fitness and held her first class in January of 2014. The class received amazing results. The girls felt sexier than ever while doing moves that they never knew they were capable of doing. The girls were dripping sweat and felt sore the next day and they had a blast doing it! Panterra loves showing people how to combine fun and fitness, and she invites every woman to get on her gym shorts and LTO Fitness.

Justine Monae


Justine Monae has been a dancer more than half of her life. As a retired cheerleader and experience in ballet, gymnastics and hip hop, she would have never thought she would be a fitness instructor. LTO Fitness gave her a new view and interest in fitness. She attended the very first LTO class and could not believe how much fun she had while getting an intense work out. She has danced with Lexy years before and was excited to join the LTO movement. LTO has given her an opportunity to continue her passion in dance while obtaining a fun and sexy workout. As an instructor, Justine takes pride in giving girls/guys a fun workout and helping them feel confident in their own body. So if you’re ready for a fun time and a good workout, come get your twerk on with LTO!

Every class is like a girls night out, the energy is amazing and it’s the best feeling to hear students say how LTO has helped build their confidence.

Laura Smith


Born and raised in California, began her dance training as a ballet and tap dancer. Danced in the Los Angeles Ballet Company for almost six years. Where she studied ballet, hip- hop, tap, and modern jazz. She began twerking in high school dance routines with other instructor Justine and creator of LTO Lexy. As close friends with Lexy became an instructor for LTO in LA area. Loves dance and enjoys fitness! Favorite twerking move is the wobble.

My favorite twerking move is the wobble.

Jojo Guadagno


Originally from Queens, New York; Jojo has been “twerking” as long as he’s been able to find a rhythm. At age 18 Jojo moved to Hollywood, California and began to start a career for himself as a “twerker”. Jojo has been featured in several viral YouTube videos created by Todrick Hall, Blake Mcgrath and Tamia; totaling over 11 million views. After making a name for himself in the industry Jojo decided to take his twerk even further and began to take class from “The Queen of Twerk” Lexy Panterra. Jojo has continued his training in Twerk for over a year and is now one of the official Twerk instructors for the prestigious company that is LTO. Jojo is a determined, fun, generous and loving person. He strives to make sure everyone around him is having a good time and always tends to be “the life of the party”. With his passion for Twerk and acting Jojo wishes to become a performer of all sorts, whether it be on a stage or on the big screen, Jojo will not quit until he achieves what he has set out to do.

I strive to make sure everyone around me is having a good time.

Amanda Abbot


Amanda “Panda” Abbott is a professional dancer and former NHL cheerleader currently on a world wide tour with Redfoo from LMFAO. She is best known for her twerking skills as seen in viral videos “How To Twerk” and “Booty Man” boasting over 10 million views. Her other notable TV appearances include Bravo, VH1, CMT, TLC, Good Morning New York, Good Morning LA, and Fox Sports West. Amanda recently launched her own YouTube channel “The Amanda Panda Show” to connect personally with her fans. “I enjoy the interaction and making people laugh with my silly personality” she states. She prides herself on her channel having a little bit for everybody. Her goal is to purely entertain and to Live, Laugh, Twerk.